No 3D Touch ? Then swipe

(Chris Black) #1

Hello, :grin:

I was thinking about the people who don’t have an iPhone 6S with 3D Touch … when you apply pressure on one transaction is appearing the 3D window … and then you can select Add note, receipt … so my idea is, for the people who can’t do that, then just swipe the transaction, right/left swipe and to appear the options … something like this ? :yum: (By the way, we have something like this on the notifications … but not on the app :slight_smile: )

(Joshua Turner) #2

Adding swipe options would not really be a good replacement I think, since the “push and pop” or what ever its called gives a lot more detail than 3 buttons.

iOS has a gesture called Long Press which could be a suitable replacement for users who don’t own a device with 3D touch.

(James Allison) #3

I think long press would be more suitable for this. Instagram use long press to imitate force touch on non-6s iPhones.

(Chris Black) #4

Or, long press yah why not (-: