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Do we need a special message from the King on BBC?


I’m sure Prince Harry might write about it in his book sequel “Waaagh 2”


This is exactly why I’ve refused to buy AirPods Pro 2s up till now. My time is coming!!! :joy::joy::joy:

I was literally looking for USB C to Lightning adapters earlier today as changing cables in the car to use Android Auto / CarPlay is so bloody annoying.

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If you’re not bothered about charging, I’d recommend a CarlinKit wireless CarPlay dongle.

I don’t even get my phone out of my pocket when I get in the car any more.

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We have a wireless chargers so that’s fine.

The issue is I’d still have to swap the dongle with a USB C cable for when the Mrs wants to plug her phone in for Android Auto.

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New iPhone 14 colour announced

Thank goodness it’s not a pink pro phone. I’d have struggled to resist despite only upgrading whenever the 14 first came out :joy:


Every flipping year I swear I won’t buy a coloured iPhone, and every flipping year I do. I’m so stupid. Dropped the phone on a slate coaster from literally less than 5cm and the damn stainless steel paint has chipped off.

If I wasn’t in the upgrade programme I might rub it all off now. But I may just have to get a case…

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It’s not paint! It shouldn’t just chip off, but scuff or scratch. Do you have a picture? The description sounds like defective anodising. Hard to prove, and the burden of proof would be on you after 6 months. Still, I’d take to the Genius Bar, especially if you have Apple Care.

An example of a defective coating process:


I dropped mine last week and I’ve got a scuff on the corner and on one of the lenses :frowning:

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I mean slate is pretty hard stuff, but not sure if it’s harder than stainless steel (feels like it shouldn’t be)? There were a couple of shiny metallic pieces on the back after the incident, and now there’s a shiny bit along the back edge of the phone. Not sure how I’d prove it after 6 months… Though might have to pop in to a Genius Bar (won’t they want an appointment?)

Also makes me worry for my lovely Midnight MBA…

For proof you could ask a jeweller to inspect it. Or a metallurgist. They’ll charge for it though.

I think Apple are taking walk ins again now, so you shouldn’t need one. Just means having to wait around for a bit.

The only thing capable of scratching mine is my dog’s name tag. It’s tungsten carbide, with enough impact it’ll do a lot more than just scratch it. It’s far stronger than steel so her tag comes away from the impact completely pristine. And the Milanese Apple Watch band, that can scratch it too, something to do with how it’s coated. It’ll scratch the watch too, so have to be careful attaching it and taking it off.

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It’s not worth that much, I’ll just begrudgingly buy silver every year after this even if they come out with a hot pink iPhone Pro.

Last time I went in I got a lot of attitude from the gatekeeper person who made me leave the store, book an appointment for 10 minutes’ time and walk back in so they could check me in because you can’t possibly turn up without a pre-arranged appointment…

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Funnily enough I don’t think I had a proper drop for many, many years. Just the odd fall out of hands onto a table drop after one too many drinks, which clearly can still cause damage…

I’ll just see my scuff as a battle scar. Well used tools and whatnot.

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How long ago was that? For most of covid it was appointment only. Might even still be the case in the U.K., or be store specific. I don’t think it is though.

It was a central London store a month and a half or so ago… :upside_down_face:

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Central London, you might need an appointment even when it’s normal. I’d imagine it can get very busy, which makes it harder to accommodate you without an appointment. In which case they should give you one and tell you to come back. But if it’s too busy they might not even be able to do that.

I’d always book for a London Store. It’s not going to be like Aberdeen, or even Manchester.

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Funny thing is I already had an appointment and just wanted to replace my peeling silicone case under warranty which I’ve previously been able to do on the store floor (or surely would’ve taken 2 minutes on top of whatever I wanted). But instead I got some attitude about needing a separate appointment

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Dropped my 14 soo much. I’m surprised it’s not destroyed.

But. I put it face down once, and the screen got scratched to hell.

Never makes sense

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Scratch and shatter resistance are inversely linked. As glass gets more shatter resistant, it loses scratch resistance. And drop resistance has definitely been the theme of the last many years.