iPhone 12

If anyone’s upgraded on the Upgrade Programme before, how does it work in store? Do I have to unpair the watch before I go and do I get a chance to set the new phone up/transfer data?

I’ll be driving a good 30 miles to an Apple store so need a satnav on the way back ideally

I would suggest backing up your phone to iTunes if you can, it takes a fuller back than iCloud but if you’ve been backing up to iCloud you should be ok.

You can manually trigger a back up.

I would unpair your watch too, otherwise it’ll be locked to the phone and only Apple can remove the locks, if you can prove you purchased it. It’ll be another trip, easier just to unpair it.

Thanks! So

1 back up to iCloud/iTunes before leaving
2 unpair watch
3 leave for store
4 log out of iCloud there and reset phone etc
5 take backup crappy android to use as a satnav on way back
6 get new phone
7 go home
8 ???
9 profit?

edit to clarify not crappy android as android is bad but crappy as in a beaten up Nexus 6 that has a battery life of 15 minutes when unplugged and the back is coming off

I’ll give you £200 - bargain :grinning:

(Good advice, by the way)

If that’s a serious offer we need to exchange some DMs! :smiley: I was thinking of just recycling it for free in Curry’s

Upgrade program question;

So I have a phone reserved for pick up, I presume they don’t charge my card on file before then?

My Lloyds card has declined the transaction, I’m talking to them on chat, but if I change it to Monzo, I don’t want them taking £1000 before I go and waiting for it to come back!

If you reserved it for the upgrade programme, you shouldn’t have been charged… unless you accidentally bought it outright?

I wasn’t charged when I first got on (or the second time I started it)

I didn’t realise I could do it on that, I just did the “buy” and then thought I’d swap it over when I got there.

However, no looking online

I’m sure/hope they’ll let me swap when I get there

Damn and blast - so close too :joy:

Never mind - Curry’s win then :smirk:

I don’t really remember how I got the reservation set up last year. It’s not really obvious. You should be able to get a refund and get it though the iUP but that may also depend on how many people they have in store and how quickly they want to turn them around due to COVID stuff.

I’ll be backing up my phone and taking my N6 with me just to be safe if I can’t set it up there

One day they’ll get it. I don’t think it’d sell for enough to make it worth trying so once I find a backup phone I’ll recycle this

Be prepared to pay using another method. I once applied for iUP and was accepted but didn’t realise they run the credit check in store before giving you the phone. My credit is good but they declined me for some reason and rather embarrassingly I didn’t have a credit card on me. So left the store with no phone.

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That’s really poor service, why wouldn’t they run the check before making you go all the way down to the shop?

Upgrade Programme credit checks are only available in store for reasons no one knows

In the U.S. you can do it all online but in the UK it’s in store only despite other Barclays loans being available online too

I’ve got the 12 reserved, but will ask in store if there is a 12Pro instead, happy either way

How do we all feel about the newest design choice Apple decided to bless us with here in the EU/UK?

I personally am really annoyed as I think it was less noticeable on the back. And as I don’t use cases, I will always have a visible trash can on my £1k device…

I agree. Looked better on the back.


Yeah that’s weird :mask:

Oh I hate that.


These should be in software.

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I think it’s better! I’m more likely to see the back of my phone than the side of it.