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First time posting here, so apologies if this is the wrong section (or if it has been posted before).

Would I be able to use the current account on Android if I’m currently using the iOS app?

I’d send live chat a message on your prepaid app and I reckon they’ll be able to sort it.

I suspect it just means sending you an android invite or however they are getting the beta app to people on android.

I’ve done the reverse android -> ios on the prepaid app so I doubt there are any technical reasons why its not possible.



I’m using both. You’ll need to give :monzo: your Google Play email address. Send them a message via the in app chat and I’m sure they’ll set you up.


I had the account opened on iOS and I can confirm that switch is as simple as getting access to CA app on Play Store.

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I have both. I just added my email to their Google Play Store access list on one of their laptops and it took seconds so should not take staff long to do.

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Got a reply back from the team, and they told me that people can only have one version of the current account at the moment. So if you set it up on iOS, you can only use the iOS app at the minute.
A bit of a pain, as I’ve just switched to an android phone phone, but hopefully they’ll sort something in the future.

I have it on Android and iOS and it working OK on both so don’t know why they said that

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Hi Catriona,
I also had iPhone and Android, and since it’s two different systems, I could be even logged in on both at the same time. However, this wouldn’t work with two Apple devices or two android devices at the same time.
I think something must have been lost on the line because you definitely can have a current account on android and iphone at the same time (but obtaining the app for different os is a manual process).


I signed up for the current account and installed the Android app on my Pixel–just waiting for the card to arrive in the mail. Is there a way to get the current account app for iOS as well and use it on both devices?

(I’m happily using the normal Monzo on both devices.)

Try messaging support, I think they can then invite you to the TestFlight version on iOS :smile:

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I think I read the testflight list was full so may take a bit longer before you can get added.

A saw a thread about moving from Android to iOS, but I am moving from iOS to Android and was seeing how I could get the Current Account app for my Android device? If I could get a link or beta invite to it that would be great.

Sure! Just email the team and they’ll be able to sort this :slight_smile:

Hi! I meant to update on this, but totally forgot.
I contacted them through the in-app chat, and they added my Google Play account to their list, and I was able to download the Android app. Works no problem. My initial query must have got lost in translation (it happens!).

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