[iOS] Screen moves when changing budget


I know the new update has literally only just come out. But seeing as I’m a UX designer, I thought it would be worth while letting you know of an issue I’ve found. I’ve noticed that when you’re on the budget section, and you are either increasing or decreasing the amounts - the screen keeps bumping up and then down when altering them taking you back to the position you were originally in.

I am using it on iPhone, running IOS 13.


Is it still there after the new app release this evening? 3.0.1?

Does it still exist after the update to iOS 13.1 - also released this evening?

I was on 3.0.0. Updated just then to 3.0.1 - still having the same issue.

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Having the same issue

Yep, I can confirm it’s still there in v3.0.1 on iOS 13.1

Been having this issue for a while now; it’s very frustrating, especially when you press and hold the +/- buttons because the screen jolts so much you can’t see what the amount has changed to.

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