[iOS] Issue displaying receipts from summary view

Issue: Receipts previously uploaded show when browsing transactions from the home feed, but not when browsing transactions from the summary feed.

Details to reproduce: Upload receipt. Receipt is then shown again when viewing transaction from the home feed, but not when browsing the transaction from the summary feed.
OS: iOS 11.4 (15F79)
Device: iPhone 8 Plus (MQ8L2B/A)
App Version: 2.3.0



I’m still getting this on:

OS: iOS 12.1.3
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 2.32.0

Related Issue

If you view a transaction with a receipt through Summary (receipt doesn’t show as detailed above) and then search for or scroll to the transaction from the Home feed, the receipt has disappeared from the transaction.

Details to reproduce:
Find transaction with an attached receipt using the Home tab (search or scroll) ==> find the same transaction though Summary ==> note that it shows the transaction as having no receipt ==> exit Summary and navigate to the Home tab ==> find the same transaction ==> note that it no longer has a receipt.

NB: I had not clicked on the actual receipt when i tested this, so the receipt might only disappear from the Home feed transaction too if it hasn’t been cached locally yet.