[iOS] app crashes after adding/removing from a pot then selecting that transaction from the pot history


After adding money to a pot, or removing it, I often add tags to transactions so I can see why money has been going into or coming out of a pot. I have found when accessing the deposit/withdrawal from the pots history screen to add a tag, as soon as I tap on the transaction the app crashes. It’s been happening for quite a long time now.

It only crashes on the first attempt to select the new deposit/withdrawal, never on subsequent attempts, so to replicate it you have to go straight to pots history right after the withdrawal is done.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Add/withdraw money from a pot.
  2. Click on “History”, then scroll down and back up to make the latest deposit withdrawal visible - this is another bug as without doing this scrolling down and up the latest transaction doesn’t show.
  3. Click on the the new transaction, and the app crashes.

OS: iOS 14.4
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 3.71.0