Invoicing and Receipt Scanning

I currently use QuickBooks to send invoices as it generates a nice template and keeps all the invoices in one place! Would it be possible in the future to add an extended tab/feature to create and keep track of invoices directly in the monzo app. Furthermore it would be great to upload receipts to transactions for digital record keeping.

What are your thoughts?

Many Thanks

You can already upload photos of receipts to transactions.

If you’re talking about the ability to upload PDF receipts to transactions, you can vote for that feature here:

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Don’t forget this is regarding business banking :slight_smile:

Im not sure if they have the same features and I’ve always assumed that the feedback and voting category that you’ve linked to is for current accounts only?

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If the feature is built for current account then it should be relatively easy to move it over to business accounts.

You’d hope. But it hadn’t been the case with joint accounts :crossed_fingers:

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Great idea! We currently have an invoicing feature in the Monzo Business Account that does just that! You can create, send, and reconcile your invoices from within the app. Right now it doesn’t integrate with any other invoicing tools, but we hope to be able to do so eventually!

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