Invite people to be able to add and withdraw from pots

My partner and I both have Monzo accounts but not joint accounts! We would find it incredibly useful if we could create a joint pot without having to have a joint account.


Solid idea - you’ve got a lot of people who are after the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Check out the thread over here :grin:

Awesome, glad to see that the wheels are already turning for this feature!!

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Just to manage expectations, that post has been archived and I’m not confident that anyone is be working on it now. Happy to be corrected, but I think that shared pots were put aside in favour of fully fledged bank accounts. (It’s a shame, but there were some very vocal demands for a “classic” joint account).


Correct, shared pots were put on hold when it became very clear through the feedback that people wanted a full joint account first. :+1: