Investment question

I’m wondering if I could ask my fellow Monzo members for some advice.

I made a small investment via crowdfunding website (crowd cube I believe) and I’ve been sent a letter from HMRC that’s titled Enterprise Investment Scheme Certificate and claim to relief.
Apologies if its obvious do I need to fill the form out ?

If it helps with any advice provided I have a job that I pay tax on.

Here’s some info for you:


You don’t have to fill the form out, but you will only get tax relief if you do.

Even if the income tax relief is not a lot, its worth doing since you will only get capital gains exemption in the future if you have claimed income tax relief on your purchase. I don’t really understand why the two are connected in this way though. Can anyone explain?

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Apologies for late reply, this is the form I was sentIMG_20181217_171154