Did Monzo ever consider tax relief on their crowd funding?


Just wondered if Monzo ever considered the above link on any of their crowd funding rounds

I have a feeling you can’t claim EIS for banks? I’ll have a look.


They can’t, it doesn’t apply to banks.

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Ah that makes sense! I wonder why only banks. Just because Freetrade offered in on their crowd funding and is a financial service as well (Obviously not a bank)

Is that definitely true? A friend told me he’d got SEIS while investing in Coconut, which is also a bank.

Coconut is a prepaid current account and it doesn’t have a banking licence :slight_smile:

“Coconut is a business current account, not a bank” from the bottom of https://getcoconut.com

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@16bitkieran, thank you for clarifying. Much appreciated.

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