Best investment app based on your experiences

Just like the title says.
Looking to start putting a couple hundred quid a month into shares and am currently doing my research on the various apps one can use (am reading the individual threads on the forum too).

For those who have experience with these apps, I’d like to know what you’d recommend and why. Not just focused on returns, usability/range of investment options/fees and anything else you can think of is really appreciated.

I use a mix of Freetrade and Vanguard

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I like Freetrade, it’s just simple to use and easy to navigate. Only two downsides for me is no Autoinvest (just yet) / UK fractional shares (just yet)

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I use Vanguard, YouInvest is horrible (Vanguard get LISA pls). I used Freetrade which is a nice UX but no auto invest, so I’ll probably use Trading212 :slight_smile:

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I use Freetrade but mainly due to the offer with my Monzo account

Nothing wild but find the navigation isn’t too difficult overall.

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Dodl is working quite well for my LISA. They’ve not got transfers yet, though they’re coming


In short, I think you can’t go wrong with either Freetrade or Trading212. They’re cost effective and have a lot of choice.

Similar thread to one i responded in before so I’ll update my use cases now as some things have changed:

Dodl by AJ Bell LISA (per above post) replaced my Nutmeg LISA for this tax year and it’s going smoothly now.

T212 ISA - cheapest commission free broker with a few years operations under its belt and it’s a similar/more powerful version of Freetrade imho.

Plum GIA - easy to use and auto save into. I just use it now to dollar cost average into Tesla every month into the General Investment Account.

Still don’t have a SIPP but anticipate I will within the next 18months when I moved jobs and it will be with Freetrade.

Seems very good. LISA, SIPP and ISA all in one – just what I wanted!

I already have my LISA in YouInvest this year so I’ll do it next year or when transfers come. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Definitely like Freetrade and also use nutmeg for Lisa

I’ve had investment accounts with Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor, iWeb, Freetrade, Dozens, and a couple of Roboadvisors (I forget which ones). Of these, I would say Hargreaves Lansdown has the best app.

However, I don’t think best app should be particularly high on list of priorities when it comes to investing. I currently use Freetrade, primarily due to fees.

If I was just starting out and looking to open an S&S ISA, I’d probably go with Vanguard Investor (cheaper than Freetrade for ISA when starting out). However, it doesn’t have an app.

The following thread is worth a read

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Been using InvestEngine recently - ETF platform where I had a £50 head start. Haven’t thrown loads at it but seems a good app for passive investing.

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Have you used Freetrade? If so, what benefits would you say it has over ETFs via Freetrade?

Freetrade were dropped when they paywalled the chat & also have entirely arbitrary rationale behind not accepting top ups from e money accounts (I’m paid into Revolut so it’s a big inconvenience). They’re slower to reply by email than InvestEngine & IE allow DD top ups as well. Whether they’re cheaper I’m not sure!


Paywalled the chat?

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Last time I used it chat in app was a Plus feature. However they didn’t explicitly tell you that - you just get stuck in an endless loop telling you to email if you’re a standard user. Why not just remove it if you can’t use it? Naff.

May have changed?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Oh sorry yeah, didn’t know what you meant. You are correct. Normal support is now on email and priority on plus yeah. Sorry mate

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How about the investing features?

I see on their website they have a few automation tools which I don’t think Freetrade has - e.g. autoinvest and one-click rebalancing. Are these tools available via the DIY account, or do you need the managed account (0.25% fee)?

Automation tools are definitely on the managed plan but you can rebalance your own portfolio on the DIY plan. I can drop them a message if you’d like?

Thanks. That’s ok I can email them myself for further info.

Good point :joy:

If you intend to sign up lmk - I can refer you for £25 for a £100 investment

Feel this is sufficiently on topic if not I’ll dm

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