Investec Interest rates reducing for in app Savings

Santander’s offering isn’t worth it at the moment, from checking theother day I was better off using pots.

Oh, I agree most sincerely. I was just using that as an example of the poor alternative regular saver rates out there.

I am lucky, in as much as my Santander RS is at 2.5%, matures October.

Also have HSBC and First Direct RS at 2.75% fixed each too.

Gonna be a challenge to renew at anything reasonable in 2021 though, I reckon.

Unfortunately I think my 2.5% saver with Santander matures in 2 months :frowning_face: It’s only up to £2,400 so not too bad to move somewhere else…

When mine matures, I will be adding it to my Premium Bonds portfolio.

No real home anywhere else for that sum atm.

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One of mine expires in June sadly :frowning:

Will likely move to Marcus, unless anyone has a better suggestion?

Best open your account before tomorrow then seen as though they are closing to UK customers, see the Marcus post on this forum

Edit here’s the link

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I just applied for the hell of it. Nothing to lose and 0.04pc to gain with easy access!

Free money, so why not :man_shrugging:

Indeed. It just says watch this space after having applied. No confirmation details. Hey ho suppose they’ll have my information if I need to contact them

Thank you!

Think it took about 15 mins when I applied for a confirmation to come through. Easy peasy.
I’ve got a few savers just incase, move money about when needed.

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What % have you got on different accounts

Club Lloyds 12months saver, that covers the majority of my funds fixed 2.5%. Barclays H2B Isa account with I could add £200 a month to that was 2.5% dropped down to 2.25%. limits on those 2 are £400 and £200 per month so the last one was the Marcus savings account at 1% and an old nationwide ISA which is 1%. Obviously can only pay into one of each type of ISA per year but il never hit the limit lol.

Lloyds are still offering a 1.5% rate fixed for 12 months, you can withdraw funds however you can’t replace funds withdrawn.

Suppose it was only a matter of time :frowning:

Think that is everything in Monzo is now 0.5 or less

I beat you to it: Shawbrook now reducing to 0.30%



And here I thought I was first for once :pensive:

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