Investec Interest rates reducing for in app Savings

Obviously if you want to put in more than £450 that’s not a true annual rate (in terms of what you’ll actually get on the full amount) because of the monthly restrictions affecting how much you can invest.

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I’d keep the monzo account it’s just about as bad everywhere, Barclays haven’t paid interest worth mentioning for years, I’ve had an account with them for 20 years. Lloyds are poo unless your in the club.

All my pots are Paragon now, although they’re going down to 0.5%

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Still 2.5 for a monthly is still better than most accounts

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Sorry just checked on the details as I have one, it’s £400 per month and 2.5% gross, opened it about 3 months ago before all this hit so happy with the timing.
It reverts to a basic saver at the end it’s 0.1 from the looks of it.

How about Atom? Not as flexible though :frowning:

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Investec have cut back their own easy access account as well

I still have a cash ISA edition with one more withdrawal (and of course could close it as well) at 1.01 pc so will probably move over to that

Ns and I another option, but my address doesn’t come up so will have to call them…

Other choice a notice account

Was going to suggest atom, their rates have also reduced nicely it was 1.85% for 5 years.
With inflation you might aswell invest if you have a Em Fund, else your guaranteed to lose money with interest well below 1%

Was checking ns and I the reviews don’t look great from customer service side.

I have Nationwide which offer(ed) 5% on up to £2,500 for the first year as long as you deposit £1,000 a month, lowering to 1% on the Flex Direct account.

Pretty much unbeatable, they extended the 5% offer when it matured for another year was well chuffed.

Closed that a while back after the interest dropped, good ‘bank’ overall.

I shall cross my fingers as that’s giving me most of my interest at the moment, followed by Marcus at 1.2% which I have until 01/09 (lowers to 1.04% then unless they introduce another bonus rate/cut the interest again). Just looked at Moneybox and my LISA is 1.25% with Investec.

Yeah it’s of concern, I may leave it…

I think it’s time to close my pot and move over to Chip. They are offering 0.90% Easy access

Wouldn’t be a bad shout, especially if they’re still doing the referalls , up to 5%, refer each other gents max it out haha.

Edit: nevermind lol

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There highest is 5 years at 1.25%

I wouldn’t say that is much more than 1% and definitely not easy access

Virgin Money is 1.50% fixed for 1 year e saver, it’s pretty good. Even gives you access to their lounges :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not allowed :frowning:

I’ve flagged it as we’ve been asked to but if you want to change it…

Just remove the code, you can share referrals here :slight_smile:

Noticed that it is that rate for 2 years and 3 years fixed term savers as well :thinking: Strange!

I have a 1-year with them that matures in January 2021 at 1.65%. Seems quite heady now :grin:

And double the current rate of the Santander Regular Saver, as well as a £250pm maximum, over Santander’s £200pm.

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