Introducing the Monzo naming system

The names we give things have a big impact on how you feel about them.

Here @hashbridge shares the rules we follow when we’re naming something new at Monzo!


How did the name Mondo (original name for Monzo) come about?


I think it’s a great idea and I am all for it, there is also some very interesting science behind it. What do you mean when you say military metafore?

So… what was the rationale behind the name for Harry, your Naming System?

Always assumed it was a reference to Happy Tree Friends for some reason but can’t explain it

Such a fascinating article, this and the piece on DevOps last month make Monzo such a different an interesting financial company .

We avoid aggressive language: no military metaphors

This seems oddly specific, but I can’t think what it might refer to?

What, without that guideline, might be a name for something within Monzo?

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An example came up today actually ‘war rooms’ for when we’re co-ordinating projects is one.

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Heh, thanks. Actually I’m also in a ‘war room’ at work for production issues, but it didn’t even occur to me, genuinely couldn’t imagine what Monzo was thinking of when I asked!

Thanks for replying.

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