Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

So my bit of feedback on Salary Sorter after using it a few months - I feel like the “remember these settings” option might need some tweaks in how it works.

Since it arrived in September, I’ve used it, and it’s remembered my settings for each month. Even with minor fluctuations in my actual payment (maybe ~£10 due to change in pre-tax things).

All fine.

Come January pay, I get a bonus - doesn’t recognise the previous sort from the same source. Fine, the value has changed somewhat. That’s OK.

In Feb, my Salary would have been the same as in December, so I was expecting the sorter to remember my December settings and apply those - but it did not.

I don’t know how the memory setting works, but seemingly small changes aren’t affected but big ones are, from the same source (unless there was a change in Sorter that coincided, maybe), but it would be useful, IMO, if the memory would still capture a payment source/value it’s seen previously, even if it wasn’t the most recent one from that same source (if that makes sense)

Maybe a rare event (1/12 months…) but it’s probably not ‘edge case’, I would have thought?


Any news on when card subscriptions (e.g. Spotify) will be supported?


Would be very helpful!

No news at all, but if it helps I pay for Netflix thru sky. It’s cheaper and keeps things organised

Just use IFTTT in the meantime?

It will probably never happen, as @simonb has mentioned either in this thread or elsewhere, Banks do not get a 3-5 day notification that a payment is coming out like Direct Debits.

They are instant transactions like contactless payments.

For me I have set up my card subscriptions to be payed with a credit card and have that DD taken out of a specific pot, how ever Amazon prime yearly I don’t think you can specify the card to use :joy:

I do wonder if we’re overcomplicating it. Wouldn’t it meet most people’s needs if the money comes out of your current account then is moved from a pot?


I’m in agreement. After all, this is what Pay-from-Pot does, but just slightly quicker.

The ability to set a payment to a particular merchant to have the same amount transfrerred from a named pot to the Current account would ‘sort’ it for me. Every little automation step helps.


Maybe, but for myself my main balance is always £0 and Monzo is my only bank account as is a JA, so will always decline :wink:

I was even moving money weekly to a “subscriptions” pot but always forgot to move it to the main balance for end of the month, and as you have posted else where no option for “last day” of the month :wink:

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So just to revisit this comment of mine from a few weeks back - I got paid last week, and the difference in salary between Feb and March was £0.40, and the sorter didn’t remember my February settings.

Not sure if someone has cranked sensitivity all the way up to 11, but feels like that small change should be remembered. In the past it seemed to remember changes of a few £ here and there, so weird that this isn’t.

The difference in the too months, was lets say £199.70 → £200.10, so I’m not sure if ‘hitting’ the next £100 mark is the cause but feels like that wouldn’t be the best way for the memory to work.

Anyway, not sure if anyone else is seeing this issue… Will see what April’s paycheck brings!

Are you on iOS or Android?

May not make any difference, just wondering because I am on iOS… my salary varies quite a bit depending on if/how much overtime I do.

Varies a lot more than £0.40 haha, but Salary Sorter still remembers my settings from the previous month.

Interesting! I’m on iOS.

Previously didn’t see any issues from Sept - Dec, even with minor variations. then it started playing up in Jan.

Will see what happens next month. Beginning to think it’s a Mobile version of a PEBKAC issue…

Due to getting weekly and monthly benefits and the wife’s wages (the latter fluctuates massively month on month), the salary sort remembers each one, obviously it remembers every thing up to the variation, going to guess remembers if higher than last month if less doesn’t? (Not really to much interest in it :joy:)

I am also on iOS latest TF

I would love for salary sorter to “live” somewhere in app. A place you can go to check and review what you’re planning on doing with your next salary payment.

Something like this but with a bit of polish (the numbers here are just made up examples).

It would give you a nice visual and allow you to see how you’re planning to spend your money. You could decide if you want to get that car sooner perhaps it’s time to cut back on your HelloFresh subscription.


This could become quite cumbersome quite quickly for those with multiple incoming payments. You’d need list pages to select the payment from and so on as well as the actual mechanism for editing.

I’m not saying it’s impossible by any means, but when it’s come up before there’s always been quite a lot of work in there to manage all the different combinations that are possible with this.

I have this in Excel format, my expected salary, what I’m putting into each pot etc and then move the numbers around until I’m happy with what’s left.

But I’d much rather have it in Monzo. Having salary sorter only visible when payment has arrived seems a bit restrictive.

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True but I think it’s a case of having multiple features or ways of working for multiple use types, rather than trying to create features that try and fail to work for all types of users.
Or worse, not trying at all and saying it’s too difficult or a particular feature won’t work for everyone.

“What do you think your next salary payment will be?”


“How do you want to sort it?”

Private Jets Pot - £5,000,000
Vigilante Justice Pot - £1,000,000
Taxes Pot - 47p
Rainy Island Fund - £4,000,000

Basically no different than it already is. Except Monzo doesn’t pre-fill the top payment part and you can get to it to alter it throughout the month.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but can anyone confirm they are able to sort personal account salary directly into joint pots? Someone on this thread said a few months they were able to, but I’ve just received my April salary and this still isn’t possible for me :expressionless:

Never heard that that was possible. The only change I heard of was the addition of the ability to do a transfer to the joint account as part of a salary sort. (I don’t have a joint account so haven’t tested it.)

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