Introducing Monzo Premium

No advanced features, which was expected.

I’m looking forward to monzo bringing out more features rather than offering things I have no interest in.

Now that prem and + are out the way, that can happen?

I really hope this doesnt flop. But I really fear it will.


Yeah, this is a red flag for me too. Also the opaqueness of their timescales for replacements. With O2’s insurance I can have a replacement phone sent pretty much immediately, and as long as the broken one is returned, only excess is chargeable.

Means you’re not without a phone if you smash the screen (but can still just about use it). Or not without it for long if you totally destroy it somehow. Seems this provider will require you to send off the smashed one and let them repair it with questionable parts.

Shame as I would have signed up to Monzo Premium had this feature been better.

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No, wasn’t that way with Plus, they sent me a new ‘hot corcal’ card

Count me in once joint account support is added


Forgive me if this sounds like I’m defending the product, my experience with phone insurance (outside of carriers) is this way. My old FlexPlus one with LSG and my current with sosure wasn’t a guaranteed day or two turnaround but always ended up being back within two or three working days which worked out for us…but I can appreciate others have greater needs than me self

Nice try Monzo, but not enough included in Premium to get me to make the switch from my NatWest Platinum account.
I would have to get breakdown cover (which is around £8 for equivalent cover to what I get with NatWest) PLUS £4.99 a month for Tastecard (granted I don’t use as much right now but still something I used on a regular basis).
I do love the idea of a metal card, but not worth the extra £3 and effort I would have to make the switch.


What happens if I loose the metal card, do I need to pay for replacement ?

[monzo edit: we’ve changed the info in this post since it was originally posted]

:wave: Our partner aims to use parts that will be similar or equivalent specification for repairs.

On timing, I sent a test claim in a few weeks ago, and got a replacement back within 48 hours, so we think this’ll work really well for lots of people!


Yes, it’s covered in the terms here -

The cost is £50

If it’s an iPhone you have, Apple Care+ is the better option here, I have a Note 20 ultra and looking at the price of Protect Your Bubble (£14.50 for the same exact cover makes it seem like it may be worth it)


AppleCare+ doesn’t cover against theft & loss.


Worth mentioning AppleCare+ does not cover theft/loss, though.

Hmm I don’t think you should have to pay £50 if it got stolen,

Do you need to pay the £50 if you order a replacement anytime before the cards expire date? only it will probably have a 5 year expiary date and I can imagine it being pretty scratched up and worn by then

Love my Monzo plus but can’t justify signing up to premium as the extra features aren’t useful to me. I never travel and have never broken a phone etc. Plus, not a massive fan of the white metal card.

Side note, when are we going to get cheque imaging? :wink:


That’s great news. I was considering contacting the insurance provider to see if having an Apple repair reimbursed was an option.

You said lost, not stolen.

Monzo state in their T&Cs:

We’ll never charge you for replacements where your card expires, is faulty or has been swallowed by an ATM.

So, yes, if you order a replacement that’s not for those reasons, you’ll be charged.

The Apple repair makes it much more appealing!


Thanks for your help

Is AMEX card available to add to the credit card linking or is this going to be an additional cost?

It’s available in Plus & Premium. :slight_smile: