Introducing Monzo Premium

Yup that link works for me. Maybe they fixed the link between your comment and my clicking :slight_smile:

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I am tempted. I currently have O2’s phone insurance for £9 a month which excludes loss. I would be tempted for £15 with Monzo Premium for loss cover and a metal card.

However it’s not clear even from the T&Cs how long you would be without a phone for in the event it broke. With O2 they do an express replacement and ship your new handset at the same time/before you post the other back (for a £90 excess).

I’ve never used it but my partner had to.

I’d like more detail on how the Monzo Premium partner would handle say, a smashed screen. Sending away for repair and waiting days, is not something I would be happy with.


Links to a PDF for me

Nice addition to the plus lineup, If you’re after insurance then I thinking this is a good offer!

Do you know if the card is made out of recycled metal?


I might be the only person that doesn’t get the desire for a metal card. Plus I miss having a hot coral card already :worried:


If you cancel after minimum 6 months do you keep the card but lose the other benefits pls?

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I’m tempted. I need to compare the travel insurance limits with our existing annual policies which expire shortly but the family travel insurance.

I think my mobile is covered under out of home valuables cover, but by including this in the Monzo Premium package instead I could effectively cover more of other valuables within my existing home insurance policy. I’m also keen that a claim on this policy would be less likely to lead to a rise in my house insurance premium than it would if I had to claim against the house insurance policy.

Not super fussed about the metal card but I guess it’s a nice talking point.

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the card will stop working, like plus.


I think £15 I a bit heavy. I won’t be using ANY travel insurance until spring at the earliest, so that’s half the year gone with no benefit… and I can get the flight lounges for the same price if I shop around. A WHITE card? No thanks. Maybe if it had been left metal but white doesn’t do it for me. I can sign up for credit checkers for nothing… doesn’t leave many ‘benefits’ for £15 that’s useful or warrants the price. Tell you what I COULD use… a system to photograph cheques Instead of sending them by post and waiting two weeks! I work for a small charity that pays me by cheque and I have to keep a ‘normal’ bank account open just for that purpose.


Looks good to me. The benefits are comparable to those I currently get with my Lloyds premium account, for a slightly lower price. The only things I’d miss would be the fee-free £500 overdraft, and the home emergency cover - both of which are quite useful.

I’m tempted, though not going to rush this decision. Lloyds are no longer offering that packaged account to new takers, so before making the switch, I need to be confident that this Monzo Premium account is here for the long haul, and not going to be withdrawn after a year or two.

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Sounds like this isn’t for you then, and you can’t expect all premium packages to suit your needs. :+1:


Congrats on the launch of the new product :slight_smile:

Not quite right for me this side of Xmas, but will definitely consider it once travel is back on the cards.


I’m keen to compare the phone insurance to the nationwide Flex one.

I think what would seal it for me is if the phone cover was family cover too. If that was added in I’d sign up.

I’d still really love it if claims on these types of products could be managed “in app” - I hate having loads of different providers to track down. That would be truly new :slight_smile:

Going to have a read of the terms and form some opinions!


Although thinking about the interest factor - that equates to £2.50 interest per month.

I think.

So £12.50 for all this, or a £7.50 premium on top of Plus, isn’t terrible at all.


“ Repairs will be made using readily available parts, or we may provide remanufactured products. These may contain parts that are of similar or equivalent specification, and these may include unbranded parts.”

I’m not wild about this part of the phone insurance Terms & Conditions, honestly. My reading of this is that repairs may be made using (for example) non-genuine screens.

Still, for £10 a month on top of Plus, I’m reasonably happy with this. I’ll give it a go and see how I feel about it long term, and reassess in six months.


This is why I don’t want these insurances etc.

All that money on an iPhone for them to bodge fix it. No thanks.

Plus it’ll take days. I could have it fixed at Apple by lunchtime.



£50 for the metal card

Cancellation within the 6 month period will cost £50 for the metal card. :eyes:

Understandable, but a good reference point to highlight potentially additional value of the package.

This sounds like a decent “premium” (lol) over Plus I think, currently pay SoSure around 11 quid for insuring my phone so this seems alright to me. Might be old beyond my years but I don’t see why people go mad for a metal card?

Good deal when travelling becomes a reality post Pandemic.

Question: @maxwhite any plans to have gadget insurance. Phone insurance is okay but the ability to cover 1 or two gadgets (whether phone or another decice) would be better for me.

  1. Any plans for Joint Accounts? Especially with family insurance?

Looks promising so far.

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Hey Drew :wave:I’m an avid joint account user who wants support for shared accounts as much as you do. It’s just a question of getting it right for personal accounts first :pray: