Introducing Monzo Premium

There definitely needs to be some proper clarification around this.

Can go to Apple = great cover and one I would pay for

Have to send it off/go somewhere weird = No chance


Yep, it’s definitely not going to happen. You will not be taking your device to apple.

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@maxwhite - thanks for confirming the name issue.

I signed up for LoungeKey’s app and the confirmation email references Monzo Plus rather than premium, but more importantly, it quotes £19 as the entry cost per person.

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I believe I saw in another thread that the entry price has been lowered due to Covid-19. I could be wrong though.

I find it kind of odd that this email says ‘contact Monzo to discuss further’ and then is signed off by ‘monzo customer service’ :thinking:. Is it from Monzo or isn’t it?

:wave: Sorry for any confusion!

We think most customers who damage their phone will be best of sending their device into Assurant. This is a super fast process, which works smoothly. They send your phone back by DPD, so you get an hourly delivery slot, and a bunch of other delivery options.

In cases where this isn’t possible for you, Assurant will work with you to find the best way to repair your phone, including in-person options.

It’s important to note that this isn’t Apple Care - if the most important feature for you of phone insurance is being able to walk into an Apple Store, and walk out with a phone, Monzo Premium might not be your best option. But for most people this will work great!


Yes, confusing. I emailed

But as you say, they sign off as Monzo Customer Service.

To be honest I’m less concerned about the delivery time. I am more concerned about the authenticity of parts used. If under Assurance I have a new screen for arguments sake. And they use third party sub standard parts. And for some reason my phone stops working and I send it to apple under the manufacture warranty. I know apple will say the warranty is now invalid due to an unauthorised repair. Now my £1300 device is no longer under manufacturers warranty.


I think the main question is about whether official Apple parts are definitely used (as previously stated) or whether they may use third party parts in the repair?

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Assurant do seem to offer the in-store Apple option for other people though, just not Monzo?


I don’t think that anyone is expecting to take a phone into Apple and just walk out with a new one but if I’m paying for insurance to cover my device I want to make sure that, should something happen, my device is returned to me in the manner I sent it to the insurer, i.e. genuine Apple parts, or allow me the option for re-imbursement for a manufacturer repair.

I do not want an insurance company choosing to put sub-standard parts into my device, lowering the quality and value of said device, so they can line their pockets and affecting any manufacturer warranties offered.


I think this answer skirts around the actual issue being discussed: if Assurant are an authorised repair centre and use manufacturer approved parts then everything is fine and dandy. Phone gets repaired, and if there is ever a need to have it serviced it will be by the manufacturer.

But if Assurant don’t use approved parts and aren’t approved service provider, Apple, and presumably other companies, will deny any future servicing as the phone has non-genuine parts.

This is where previous claims on the forum contradict what is in the app and what Assurant themselves say.

A bit of a hot mess that shouldn’t be when we’re talking about a 6 month commitment and people trusting Premium with their £2000 devices


£15 a month is just ludicrous

I’m sorry but I’ve been a Monzo plus ever since it started and tbh the benefits are not entirely amazing apart from having a cool coloured blank card which never gets seen out in public as it’s on my phone when I pay

I love the sound of this metallic card but no way for £15 a month!

I’ll keep paying my £5 a month for my Monzo plus I guess :disappointed:


It shouldn’t be an option for anyone. If YOU invalidate my warranty, then YOU will pay for a new phone for me. Has there ever been a test case for this?

(sidenote - whether using 3rd party parts should invalidate the warranty is another discussion, but at the moment, it is what it is)


Agreed and I wasn’t entirely sure whether I wanted the Plus service either! So not entirely convinced at £15 service

Also I found it was a real pain updating my payment details for subscriptions where I used my previous card

Protect your bubble invalidated my warranty on my MacBook by not using genuine parts. They wouldn’t pay for my battery servicing as a result after Apple refused, because my insurance didn’t cover wear and tear.

Didn’t attempt any legal recourse though, I just cancelled my insurance.

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In fairness to SamW he did already answer that question in his previous post, he said they used genuine Apple parts.

He also said you can take it to an Apple Store. I believe the terms and conditions over him.


Yes but this entirely contradicts the actual terms and conditions that says they will use third party parts.


With an affixed where available.

They also claimed to use the same replacement devices Apple do. Which I would need to see to believe. Apple’s replacement (refurb white box models), look and feel brand new and go through much more stringent quality control than new devices too. In my experience with other stores, that is never the case.

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