Introducing Monzo Flex โ€“ a better way to pay later ๐Ÿš€

Messaged you too

As someone who doesnโ€™t have Flex, is it really as confusing as it seems?

No. It really isnโ€™t.




Not really no, I was only confused because I thought the โ€œpay nowโ€ feature had rolled out to everyone all ready so when I could only find โ€œpay extraโ€ it confused me.


Can confirm I now have the option to pay next instalment early, thanks @TheoGibson :+1:t2:


Iโ€™m getting declined messages for amount being under ยฃ30 using my Flex virtual card details. Iโ€™ve paid before using Flex for Now so has something changed? Iโ€™ve plenty of credit.

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paging @TheoGibson :eyes:


Oh thatโ€™s weird. There used to be a ยฃ30 limit but I thought that that had gone for everyone.

Hopefully Theo will be along soon to say it was an accidental reversion and all is fixed again. :crossed_fingers:

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weird - can you message me your email and we can take a look


Weโ€™ve taken a look at this and it looks like this was an unfortunate error. The code that is responsible for deciding whether Monzo Flex transactions should be approved checks a feature flag to see if payments below ยฃ30 should be enabled. If reading this feature flag errors it defaults to it being not enabled. Now that the feature is fully rolled out weโ€™ll remove this code path.

So, you got very unlucky and got a random network error which resulted in it failing closed. Really sorry about that, weโ€™ll get this improved today.


Is pay day putting a bit of a strain on things today? Iโ€™ve had a few errors fetching data and delayed notifications.

Canโ€™t wait for 5.10.0

I understand errors happen, he who has never made one cast the first stone etc. And itโ€™s great that the feedback loop exists. In this instance, a NowTV decline probably isnโ€™t the end of the world, not like they couldnโ€™t be lunch or fuel the car, but this could have been worseโ€ฆ Not a โ€œsorryโ€ in there at all?

Customer is not at fault at all, a published feature didnโ€™t work.


I bought something for ยฃ50 using my Flex card through Apple Pay, ended up returning it and getting a refund but it went into my current account rather than on my Flex card, is that right?

Not an issue I just paid it back on Flex but I expected it to just pay it off with the refund, it was never money in my account in the first place.

When we receive a refund we will try and link it to the associated backing loan but thatโ€™s not always possible. A high-level summary of the logic is:

  • If the credit contains the original payment reference then we link it to the original backing loan (unless itโ€™s already paid off)
  • We find backing loans with the same Mastercard merchant ID, if there is 1 match then we link to that
  • If there are multiple matches then we see if only one of them matches the exact amount refunded
  • Otherwise we put it in the current account

Unfortunately merchants rarely link a refund to the original purchase and often process refunds using a different merchant ID. I would like to look at further refining this matching logic at some point but itโ€™s always better to put into current account (where it can still be used to pay off backing loan) than to risk matching incorrectly as once paid off it cannot be reversed.


Thanks for the speedy, detailed response & resolution. :+1:


Hey thank you for the quick reply, makes sense.

Paid off my flex payment a day early but itโ€™s still showing in my feed :thinking:

itโ€™ll catch up