Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Flex showing via OB now :eyes:


Every transaction shows as ‘Flex’ no matter if the transaction was paid directly with the Flex card. Same with credits too.

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Revolut doesn’t know how to read it properly yet :upside_down_face: but it does show a balance now whereas it didn’t recently.

Oh goodness, that doesn’t seem optimal. I wonder if that’s the intended behaviour (@daniel?)

Clear score and MoneyDashboard show it as a credit card.

Everything looks okay apart from the transaction names all being flex which isn’t helpful :man_shrugging:


Gonna give this a quick test myself, given that it’s meant to be a phased roll-out… :eyes:


Here are the results of the blue circle jury:

  • Flex in open banking :white_check_mark:
  • Connected to Lumio :white_check_mark:
  • Lumio categorises Flex as a credit card :white_check_mark:
  • Transaction details correct :x:

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New transactions will display correctly and soon there will be a backfill to fix up older ones.


Here’s a little bit of Monzo Magic that would make the Flex repayment super special.

At the moment, the notes field has the name of the merchant you’re repaying, but with “and N more” if there are more than two.

Instead of (or as well as) that, how about using the receipts API so that you could tap and see a breakdown of everything that you’re paying for, merchant and repaid value? Effectively that month’s Flex statement digitally in the app.

And, taking that one step further, how about a link from the repayment transaction that takes you straight to the PDF statement for that month’s Flex transaction.

Just gloss, but the sort of thing you could only ever get in Monzo.

What do you say, @TheoGibson ?


So after having a few things Flex’d I’ve come to the conclusion Flex is making my financial planning more confusing than it is helpful. And, probably not surprisingly, making me think “oh I should flex that” if it’s not quite in budget.

Therefore, I’m gonna close my flex.

But can we talk about the process of bulk-pay-offs / a user’s Exit from Flex scenario?

  1. A way to close flex to new transactions, but keep payment plans should be an option.
  • In my use case - I don’t want to Flex anything new, but I do have a few plans still open. I’d really like a mechanism to say prevent anything new being Flexed but keeping the payments open.
  • The only option is - fully close the account after paying everything off - or having all the features. An option that stops my ability to Flex would be good.
  1. Clearing the account balance is convoluted - I can’t pay off the full thing in one go.
  • I’d really love a mechanism to pay off ALL of flex in one go please.
  • The button for “Close” says -“Sorry you can’t close, you still have open payment plans”
  • You have to pay off each one by one - no mechanism for a bulk pay down.

Tl;dr - it’s hyper easy to get into flex, but mega hard to get out.


Could you freeze your flex card?

I get why you suggest it but it takes 1 second to unfreeze and 1 minute to add back to Apple Pay for example.


One by one pay off is annoying 100%.

In terms of stopping yourself Flex going forward, you can reduce your limit in the app to your current amount spent, within 50 I think? Save you adding more to it.


Thank you for sharing. Interesting insight – I think all of us here on the forum are quite financially savvy and seeing how even we can be sucked in by BNPL puts all those articles about people getting themselves deep into unmanageable debt into context.

I can sympathise. I don’t have flex but do have a 0% card for 24 months. I certainly found myself thinking “Shiny new thing that gives me a temporary dopamine hit. I don’t want to pay for it. But what if I split it over 23 months?” And it’s hard to make myself realise that future me is still me and I’d rather not.


BNPL can be very dangerous, been there myself and even though I do have Flex currently I have managed to not find myself going too far, I’ve only used it for stuff I can pay back next payday.

I do consider closing it often though as it’s so easy to fall back into it and it would make me not rely on using it and budget better at the end of the month.


Absolutely, I would say I now am more financially savvy than average - I have had my fair share of debt in my day, but trying to reset my financial priorities, I’m seeing that Flex is making the outlook, hazy for me. If that makes sense. I’m even getting notifications from Trends saying “you’re spending less this month!” (Etc) - which I know isn’t an accurate reflection.

And it’s just so accessible to use Flex. “Oh the internet in this isn’t much for 6 months, why not*.

So I’d advocate for more control is all.


So much this. It’s the reason why I stayed away from it until now. I don’t use trends or budgeting, just a simple spreadsheet tracking my spending vs income on a monthly basis. It’s always been in the green but now it’s very in the green and I haven’t yet found a way to tell myself that I have ongoing liabilities which are harder to track now


If I closed Flex would I miss it, not at all. The novelty of its kind of worn off in all honesty. Plus there’s better products available, which allow longer 0% purchases.


Didn’t we used to be able to hide flex from the main page? I’d like that option as not being able to see it would be a good deterrent as well as freezing the card and removing it from Apple Pay. :laughing:


I kind of recall them saying that was a mistake and shouldn’t of been able to hide it from view.

Something about people been able to hide their debts from view, was a while back now, so recollection might be a bit off