Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

I like how they made the river wider on that bend to accommodate the chip. Did they do it to the IRL one too?

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Guess you’re no longer in the dark… or are you? :wink:


If we’re in the dark, is there a way you could help us out? :eyes:


I think you know the answer to that… nope


I had something odd happen when I opened the app yesterday, and it hasn’t happened since. Animated wavy lines (you can’t see the animation on the screenshot obviously) dancing all over the screen, which disappeared when I exited that particular screen.

Don’t know if it was just my phone going momentarily nuts or some weird flex related advertising thing I shouldn’t have seen.


Omg. Glow in the dark flex card? :thinking:


Getting warmer, I suspect.

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No that options only available with a flex plus subscription of £7.50 a month, free users just get a plain non glow card.



Just paid extra into the flex account, wanted to see reduced monthly payments. Sadly they don’t have this option which is very odd considering they’re all about helping people budget.

Please Monzo. If we pay extra into the flex account, allow us to reduce the monthly payments equally.


You can sort of do it yourself.

Lets say you owe £150 and want to pay off £50 today but not the next payment, you want to reduce the next three down to £33/£34

Create a Flex pot
Set payment to be taken from pot
Add £50 - Balance £50
Then the next payment you add £33 - Balance £83
£50 will get taken - Balance £33
Then add £33 - Balance £66
£50 will get taken - Balance £16
Then add £34 - Balance £50
£50 will get taken - Balance £0

And you’re back to zero and all paid off and reduced the monthly.

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In the terms it says “We might stop you using Flex for new transactions (including blocking your virtual Flex card) if: you haven’t used Flex for at least two months.

Does anyone know if this is actively enforced, if I don’t flex anything for two+ months will they withdraw the facility?

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I didn’t use Flex from 7th October to 6th December so just shy of 2 months.

I guess the simplest solution just to work around this, is put a normal daily transaction through the card, then pay it off in full.


I doubt it’s done at the moment, but it’ll be a clause to allow them to reduce their lending allocation for people that never use it. The same as they did with overdrafts in the past (once, only, ever, for people who had never ever ever used it).

You’re probably fine, and I’d imagine they’ll probably warn you ahead of time. But I’m sure @TheoGibson can say yes or nay to my interpretation :sweat_smile:


I’m sure Theo replied about it but I can’t find it in his 167 posts in this thread. #SearchFail

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This :point_up:


and if they do I would like to receive a message before Flex is withdrawn, to give me the opportunity to keep it ‘live’.

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Annoying that the “Pay Flex Monthly Installment Early” doesn’t pull from the pot I’ve allocated the money into :sob:

Behind the scenes – Migrating to Direct Flex

I thought I’d give you a little bit of behind the scenes info on how Flex works and some changes we are making.

Today, when you make a transaction on Flex it’s actually processed with the current account as an intermediary. By initially building Flex in this way we could re-use more of the customer support tooling, dispute processing and other functionality of the current account.

The processing looks like the following:
Indirect Flex Virtual Card

The net impact on the current account is £0 but there is an inflow and an outflow.

Here is the same transaction as displayed in part of our tooling:

This results in two transactions on the current account, one negative one and one positive one. In the feed in the app these are collapsed and hidden but they do appear in statements:

So, what are we changing?

We are now migrating to “direct virtual card” where we will no longer bounce money via the current account on the way to Mastercard. All staff accounts have been running in this mode for several months and we are planning to start a gradual customer rollout next week.

What will change?
Hopefully, mostly nothing but if migrated you may notice:

  • Flex will appear as an account via Open Banking and can be connected to third parties (if they support it)
  • Flex transactions will no longer clutter up bank statements on the current account and Flex statements will look a bit better