Introducing graphs on Trends

Am fairly sure someone mentioned this above already in some form, but just adding that changing months feels very clunky and slow.

On the main page, it def needs to be quicker/easier - e.g. little left and right arrows above the charts.

And I feel like it just needs to be possible at all on a category. I shouldn’t have to open a category, remember what it looks like, exit and scroll up, change month at the top, then go back to the category just to compare two months.


Or a line for total average and a separate line for average excluding Bills and other scheduled payments

Sort of disagree, I think the buttons just below the bar chart worked perfectly, thougj be interested to see what that could end up looking like with all the categories and custom categories together, could get cluttered, but guess it could be side scrollable.

Yep, I think @Lewis_P 's idea would solve this issue by letting us toggle categories on/off


So I don’t have trends yet, is this a feature only for Plus?


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Still no sign of a graph for me. I hope I’m not the very last eligible customer to get it :laughing:

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I also haz no graph.


This is a shame, I feel Monzo really raised the bar several years ago with their bank app, but the legacy ones bricked themselves and started investing in their apps to the point where many of them are starting to reach feature parity, plus they also offer being able to add other cards at no extra cost and I think RBS have added tools that allow you to view graphs of spends

This is from the play store, does anyone have the RBS app and could share better shots of what it is like?

To me Monzos edge has always been that its app and features have been ahead of the legacy banks, but if these banks have caught up then Monzo mustn’t get complacent, I really think it needs to start thinking about raising the bar again to attract new customers, and it can start by making trends and graph available to everyone.

When I used to recommend Monzo I used to be able to say people could freeze their card if needed or use pots, have better categories. People used to be amazed, nowadays when I say these things people respond with oh my bank does all that and so aren’t interested


I have RBS, and can post screenshots later, but mine will barely showcase the feature as I only use the account for withdrawing cash.

With that said, until Trends got graphs, RBS’s tool was ahead in terms of features and utility. I think it’s still a slightly better tool overall than Monzo’s, but this is with very limited use out of it. Trends is in it’s infancy though, so I cut it some slack for that. Summary is still the powerful tool that’s more valuable, and Trends will no doubt absorb its features. RBS hasn’t copied that utility (yet) so Monzo is still a clear winner in this regard for me.

Their tools aren’t perfect and I complain about summary a lot because I want it to better, and is often times a case right now where no tool is a bit of a better experience than one that doesn’t work in half the situations I’d need it to. But it’s a great tool nonetheless, and not one that’s been copied.

Their open banking implementation works better than Monzo’s as well. By a lot. I have all the same accounts linked with both. Was much easier to do with RBS and it worked. With Monzo there were hitches setting things up, the links were broken, or would force me to login to internet banking via Safari whereas RBS sent me to the app. Not sure what Monzo have gotten so wrong, but at least the Plus only version of their implementation is better than their old one, with the exception of Barclaycard, which is forever encountering some kind of issue inside Monzo. RBS don’t support Barclaycard to my knowledge though, so can’t test that with them.

Monzo’s open banking strength is quantity of integrations though, rather than how well those integrations actually work. But my experience on this is much nicer inside of RBS and Revolut.


I’m really unsure about this trends graph.

Can it be possible to tap the said weeks instead of holding my finger on it?

I’d prefer the option to also select say the last 4 months being visible on the graph, or a certain date period opposed to rolling weeks.


To add on to my prior post, here are some screenshots:

I prefer that the graph bars are done month by month, rather than only week by week in one given month at a time. Makes it better for comparing trends and doesn’t suffer from the issues users like @Ordog have reported with heavily skewed graphs.

I’m not sure what the value is with Monzo’s graphs! A week by week summary of my trends in a given month/budget period aren’t very useful to me and can’t personally see how they would be to others, but folks please correct me on that if this approach is more helpful for you!

You can tap into categories and get graphs for those individually as well just as with Trends. Again it compares month by month as opposed to what Trends does, but I much prefer this. And I can tap between months to get a list breakdown of transactions for each period.

It also compacts itself as you scroll down so it remains visible. I’m surprised Monzo doesn’t do that because they’ve always been a fan of cluttering the top of the layout with ornamentation. Though in this case with the RBS, the stuff they’re sticking to the top is actually useful information and handy to keep visible as you scroll. They could probably do with removing everything above the date range when you’re scrolling down though.


I still don’t have this :disappointed:


I also still haz no graph.


Much prefer this!

Have said exactly this myself…

All of this sounds brilliant!

Really hope that some of this sort of stuff makes it into Trends sharp-ish.


If we are sticking to bar charts, I think I’d like month by month graph bars made up of the stacked weeks within that month. This would allow you to, at a glance, compare monthly spending and the pace at which you’re spending.

What I think I’d prefer is a return of the Pulse Graph with forward predictions based on previous spending during a self selected timeframe, with a second pulse line showing the average activity during the same timeframe.


I have something similar in my dashboard and it’s my most important graph.

How much have I spent so far this month. What’s my budget. What did I spend at this point last month.


(Okay okay, it’s just an advisory budget!)


To be honest, if they’d brought back exactly the same graph, then allowed you to filter it by account (like in Trends) or by category then I’d have been over the moon.

Then stack the curve for different months on top of each other and chefs kiss.

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Just had a thought that these big graphical graphs in Trends would be great options for iOS Home Screen widgets. Simple ways to glance at your spending if your not always looking through the app (like most don’t I think)


I really think rotating to landscape mode would provide for much better view and further options could be added.