International ATM Fees: An Update

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Hi all, just a quick heads up - we plan to introduce international ATM fees on Monday.

There’s a recap on everything you need to know here, and we’ll be posting a formal blog post announcement to confirm on Monday :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, guys. I could’ve sworn it said “we plan to introduce international ATM fees tomorrow.”

Quite obivously I just can’t read, but as Mirow already replied I don’t want to delete the post.

I do apologise!!!


Am I missing something? To quote the article you linked (adding my own emphasis):

From 18th December 2017, we’ll be introducing the above limits on cash withdrawals made from international ATMs

As far as I know tomorrow is only the 13th (please don’t tell me it’s the 18th already tomorrow, and I somehow slept through the last 5 days?! I don’t have any Christmas presents yet!)


They have said they will do it on “Monday” and that is the 18th which is what they said originally… so what is the problem?


Sorry, I am the problem. See my edit above…


No problem…we all make mistakes…I certainly do :wink:

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Another update that international ATM fees will now come into effect on Thursday 4th January, a few weeks later than initially planned.

We just published a blog post with the details

and the related discussion is here!

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Discussion of this news can obviously now take place in the thread associated with the blog post