Interesting article (if slightly odd)

Hi all - did anyone see this earlier?

Some interesting stuff in the comments too!

Interesting… but obviously doesn’t consider firms like N26, bunq, Monzo or Starling, which are wholly independent.


“With more than 75% of fintech firms identifying their primary business objective as collaborating with traditional firms, it is essential that both fintechs and traditional firms transform their business models by collaborating to drive innovation while retaining customer trust,” says Anirban Bose, head of Capgemini’s financial services global strategic business Unit. “Without an agile and committed collaboration partner, both traditional and fintech firms risk failure.”

(emphasis mine)

A high ranking employee at a legacy financial services company is trying to downplay the threat of their competitors? Shocking. :joy:

Both Accenture and Capgemini recommend the establishment of a formal process for banks to chart their relationships with startups

Yep, my suspicion is definitely right - two shitty legacy companies trying to remain relevant, nothing more.


Absolutely. At least someone commented that the marketplace model might be interesting. Shame they used Starling as the example!

No doubt something Accenture and Capgemini will gladly make bids to offer this service to banks :roll_eyes:

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Why is that a shame?

Just cos it isn’t Monzo, who are also planning a marketplace, and are the reason we’re here!

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But on the other hand Starling have their marketplace live while ours is still in the works. :wink:


Yes, well that’ll be why it got the mention. Wasn’t a huge point - just saying… :wink: