Interest for Monzo plus Feedback

Hi, just a quick one. When I receive the interest paid from my Monzo Plus it would be really nice to see the amount my account was at at the time it was taken. I am sure this could be added into a note, right?

So you want to see your balance everyday in the month that earned interest?

That sounds quite messy.

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Reads to me as just a request for a snapshot at month end. Maybe not as accurate, but worth considering if it has meaning to a group of people

As interest is calculated at the end of each day then it’s a meaningless figure though


I’m unfamiliar with how interest actually works. I was assuming for example if I have £1000 in my accounts on July 31st the interest rate would be applied to that amount. I’m using Monzo as an everyday card so I have money moving around. My thought is that was when the interest payment is applied, you can see what to amount, but only in the notes for the payment charge.

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They work it out on your balance every day and then pay it at the end of the month

An average balance figure might be useful


This is why I think, on reflection, an “end of day” balance figure, rather than “spent today” on @bruno’s new navigation would be more useful. Especially when Monzo moves over to an APR based overdraft…

(Of course, if we’re in wishlist territory, I’d quite like a daily interest breakdown screen somewhere, showing the calculation. That’d be transparent, useful as well as a nice bit of gloss).

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Why not have both … or a setting flag to choose between end of day balance and spent today.

I’d personally prefer an EoD balance.

Only meaningless to those who see no meaning in it :wink:

Not sure where various screenshots are coming from (iOS?), but I am not seeing any of them other than some feed items

More on the interest accrued would be good and, if presented right, could even give something close to what the OP was after