New interest totals and breakdowns

Well, assuming it’s new. First time I saw it was today. Just wanted to say, the new interest totals and breakdowns are excellent! Reall nice feature for me, anyway. I like it a lot. Nicely done…

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Whereabouts are you seeing this in the app? :eyes:

Head to Plus/Premium.

Tap Interest (second option in the benefits list)

Or head to Manage in transaction feed, then Interest statements.

At least I think this is where OP is referring to.


Just had a look. I’m intrigued by “Stop earning interest” which seems an odd option to offer. Don’t want to click on it though.

Also doesn’t show anything from joint account.

Some religions forbid interest so monzo has the option to switch the interest off.


Fair enough, hadn’t considered that. Thanks for clarifying.


It’s about time the rate increased to be honest, 1.5 on premium is pretty poor these days. Nice to see the data so simply, bigger numbers would be better though :slightly_smiling_face:


I appreciate and accept that some religions forbid interest, hence Sharia accounts, such as Gatehouse. However, they seem perfectly fine with accepting/earning profit

Perhaps a Treat it as Expected Profit instead of Interest option could be considered. :person_shrugging:

Or would that not be morally acceptable within the spirit of Sharia Law?

Just a thought.

Are well all on android because iOS has had that for some time