Integration with WebExpenses App

(Emiliyan Tanev) #1

I just received my Monzo card and so far I am pleased. In my job, I am travelling a lot and therefore I expense a lot of my card transactions. Being able to split personal from company expenses is a blessing thing.

I wonder if you can push the boundaries a little bit further and integrate with WebExpenses iOS/Android App or API. It will be interesting if you can transfer the “Expense” category with the attachments into the WebExpense items in the Expense Report by pushing a “Transfer” button.

I think they will also welcome such an integration as it will make their product even more appealing. From your side, you will enter into the corporate world which is keen on getting the right exchange rates and probably managing the deposits companies give to their employees. Recently, Revolut entered the business world with business pre-paid cards.

This integration can be an excellent showcase of the potential of Monzo!

Anyway, even if this is discarded, you are my preferred type of spending. Keep up the good work!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

An integration should be possible but it’ll be WebExpenses or a third party developer who is likely to set it up, rather than Monzo.

This isn’t possible yet but once the API is ready, it will be made open so that once you’ve authorized an application, it will be able to see your transaction history, transaction categories, attached receipts, deposits (for reimbursements) etc. & then their app can process all of that data.

The only items on the roadmap that are specifically for the API are in the ‘long term’ list but Integrations with TFL, Nectar etc. (which will presumably require a working API), are due within the next 6-9 months, once the bank is launched. So hopefully the API will be ready for this sort of thing, which only requires read access, by then.