Info on new account and crypto

Looking at switching to Monzo from HSBC.
I was wondering do they allow crypto purchases and withdrawals . Or any plans in stopping them like HSBC


If you have a quick search of the forum, you’ll find plenty of crypto/Monzo discussion.

But in short:



we’re all customers here and anyway, banks don’t like disclosing things that could help fraudsters do fraud stuff


I would personally find a bank that explicitly allows it, which isn’t Monzo. Then do nothing else with that account.


I wouldn’t risk it either.

It seems like most banks are going down the route of blocking cypto currency transactions now so it’s always going to be a risk that your account gets frozen/blocked whoever you go with.

So I don’t really know where to post this but I came across this Twitter thread which is quite interesting

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Thanks for the help guys.

When that thread says “discussion” I can only see one person talking to themselves? :sweat_smile:

I have my Halifax linked if it helps this thread.