Income and Expenditure summary over custom period

(David Mathias) #1

I’ve been using :monzo: for the last few months and adore it!

One thing that I’ve noticed that I think is missing is the ability to have an income, expenditure and net balance summary for a custom time period. I found that when I went on a trip with a friend I didn’t want to split each individual transaction but rather the total for the days where I was paying for things, but there wasn’t a quick way of showing a total for a few days spending.

I know you can search to show individual transactions for this/last week/month/year and that the spending report breaks down monthly spending. However I want to be able to see a summary of a more specific date range.

So for example:

Date range: 29/3 - 7/4
Income: £ 150.00
Expenditure: £ 185.75
Net Balance for date range: £ -35.75

I know this a really minor feature request but I thought I’d post anyway :slight_smile: