Include Names & Genders of Directors in the Annual Report

I appreciate your concern to improve transparency by writing clearly and simply.
Wouldn’t it have been a very helpful gesture, easily implemented, to have written the full names and genders (where ambiguous) of the Monzo directors? Initials only with surnames feels very 70s.

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This doesn’t address your point - which I agree with - but there is some information about the gender balance of the board in this blog post -

At the moment:

  • Our Board is 38% female, above the sector average of 23%.
  • Our Executive Committee is 11% female, below the sector average of 13%.

it’s also worth noting that

Our medium-term goal is to have no less than 40% female membership of each by 2020.

I’ve edited the title of your topic to enable users to see what idea you’re proposing before clicking into the topic & to make it easier for users to spot this post in search results, in the future. I hope that’s ok!

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For this to be useful, you’d also need to see data on the applicants’ demographics. 33% women is a lot better if 10% of the applicants are women. It allows you to identify the problem. If the demographics are unbalanced like that, it’s also worth working out why the applicants are that low, ie: is it a market/supply thing, or a hiring problem


The concept of stating if they Male or Female or Mr Mrs or Miss is very dated, particularly as there are now so many forms of gender-perception including non-binary.


@alexs Thanks for editing topic headline! My point was less about gender balance (but hey, good news and something you should not hide in initials) and more about a friendlier style (which I note you agree with).

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Yep, they are really referring to sex (what your chromosomes are) rather than gender (what you self identify as)

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