Incentive for app users to refer people

When a new person joins the waiting list, they can refer 10-15 people to Mondo to get to position 1 in the list, and then get their card, thus queue-jumping.

When a person has the Mondo app and is using it however, there are no incentives for them to refer people to Mondo. Take Uber for example. They give £10 in credit to both you and the person you are referring to Mondo.

I feel like if there was an incentive for existing users, people would be more inclined to refer people to Mondo, thus growing the Mondo waiting list even further and customer base etc.

Referrals were talked about over in this thread. Mostly disliked the idea because it’s easily abused, often annoying and has historically been a buggy process for many services.

As for queue jumping, this was the last word I could quickly find on that.

Thats a shame. Even if it was some form of leaderboard, that would be awesome! Bringing gamification to the referral process almost.