Improvements to Pots Flow

I think now that there are various different types of pots, I think the overall flow of choosing which pot could be improved.

As of right now when you click the “+ Save Some Money” you’re met with 3 different options:

  • Easy Access Savings Pot
  • Fixed Savings Pot
  • Regular Pot

The problem here is that the Easy Access Pot can be divided into ISA and non-ISA and then the separate providers. As more and more providers jump on the Monzo band-wagon I feel like this may become quite cluttered and hard to find the exact vehicle you’re after.

I think having 4 options:

  1. ISA
  2. Easy Access
  3. Fixed
  4. Regular

and then within each of these having separate headings for the separate providers will allow the flow to be more digestible for the customer.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?