Improve display of Scheduled payments

Really hard to see when payments are due or have been paid as the info on the screen takes up too much space so you don’t actually see the date!

Swap the word “Expected” to “Due” and then have “Paid” then the date without any unnecessary wording.

Also have the next pending payments move to the top and the paid ones can go to the bottom so it’s easier to see which ones are next.

It doesn’t look anything like this on my phone. Do you have a particularly small phone screen or do you have the font size enlarged?

I do actually have enlarged fonts otherwise everything is just too small! Rubbish eyesight!

Just hate seeing words for the sake of them, I don’t need a sentence, Paid or Due dd/mm/yy would be fine. Even the ability to rotate and view landscape would be good.

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Is this on Android or iOS?