I'm Tom, CEO

Hi all! I’m one of the founders of the bank. We started Mondo because we were frustrated with the day-to-day banking that we’re all forced to put up with. In a world where technology seems to turn sci-fi into reality, it seems like banking has been left behind.

We want to build a powerful tool that puts you in control of your day-to-day finances. We’re aiming to do all the hard technical work, overcome regulatory hurdles and build a delightful app that ultimately makes your finances “work like magic”. Rather than struggling with clunky websites and callcentres, everything should work in a single click. Or less! That’s the Mondo mission.

My background is payments technology - I founded GoCardless.com and ran it for several years with my cofounders Matt & Hiroki. I blog at tomblomfield.com on startup life and occassionally tweet as @t_blom


Hi Tom :wave:


Hi Tom :wave:

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