Im staying with vodafone

i am staying with Vodafone after what happened the team called me and told me the customer adviser was just going above what he should have done



I will be sure to let all my friends know :+1:

Seriously though, glad it is sorted. But as above, next time add to your existing post, otherwise we just end up with random blog posts of peoples lives :slight_smile:


I can defintley sleep tonight knowing you are staying with Vodaphone Gavin!

Thanks for the update fella!

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I didn’t read any other Vodafone threads so have zero context to this.

I’ll be staying with giffgaff! :grinning:

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What is the context to this? I’m curious too. Where is the original thread?

Threads. Plural. Many many, MANY threads.

Click on the OP’s profile and look at their history of created topics.

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Cool story

Finally a resolution! I’m not sure there’s much left to say so I’ll close this thread.

In the unlikely event that anyone has any follow-up thoughts, let’s use one of the other threads to cover that! :raised_hands: