I'm Carter - an Alpha Tester

Hi there, I’m Carter, one of the many other alpha testers excited to have the card and app in hand.

I became interested in Mondo partly out of sheer tech curiosity and also a strong desire for banking without the bollocks. I live life in three currencies and anything to make it all easier and cheaper! We all have these amazing devices and yet big businesses (airlines, banks, utility co, etc) too often have at their hearts old mainframes and the mindsets to go with them. I am convinced you can have stability and agility.

My work is mainly with building and managing PMOs and political advocacy. I’m just a project management geek. Most of my career has been with airlines around the world, including a few disruptive start ups. I recently sold my consultancy and I am freelancing nomad at the moment.

My hobbies and interests are linguistics, F1, digital privacy, bio-ethics, Pop Art, and hacking language learning. I also am trying to make time to read all of Phillip K Dick’s novels at the moment. I have lived and worked in Cairo, Riyadh, Dublin, Tokyo, Seoul, and all over the US.

Looking forward to sharing this space and experience with all of you!


Hi Carter, thanks a lot for sharing the intro :slight_smile: And for the amazing feedback you’ve already given us this far. It is truly appreciated, we could do it without you guys

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to make you feel more at home in the Mondo community :earth_africa:

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Hi Carter, it was great to meet you and chat at the alpha. Also great to learn that we are both fans of F1 - can’t believe another season is already at a close…I love your “three currencies” life - and look forward to hearing more about the challenges this entails…

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