I'm Adam - Mondo alpha tester and FinTech entrepreneur

Hi I’m Adam, @adamhorner on Twitter (and here), CTO & co-founder at Satago.

I’m deeply entrenched in FinTech and always looking for innovation, most of which I find is born from the germ of an idea blended with many man-years of elbow-grease and billions of decisions in a cocktail of blood, sweat and tears.

At Satago we aim to help small and medium sized businesses with their cashflow, a perennial problem that banks can’t solve, traditional lenders avoid and larger organisations fail to understand. My interest in Mondo stems from my unorthodox (Fin)Techy background and is on many levels; from following the seeds of disrupting a stodgy industry, through the UX of products built for a tech-savvy generation up to and including a desire to use something significantly better than the rest of the industry, including First Direct, has so far delivered.

I’m not great at those inspirational ideas, but I’m pretty good at triaging the ideas of others and for my sins I excel at the hard tech work bit (sigh). Feel free to bounce ideas off me in public or in confidence, I’m always happy to be asked for my opinions despite rarely sharing them without a prompt.


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Hey Adam, nice to meet you! Satago looks super cool - looking forward to hearing what you think about Mondo :slight_smile: