IFTTT: incoming transaction trigger


I am wanting to create an IFTTT trigger where when I get paid from my job and it’s under a certain amount it gets moved to a pot. (This is to transfer my expenses payments into a savings pot, it comes in from the same payee as my pay but it less than my monthly salary)

Many thanks in advance

Seems like they’ve abandoned IFTTT, no updates to it in almost a year.

“abandoned” is a bit of a reach. I’m sure they’ll add to IFTTT at some point, but priorities dictate that other work must come first.

What would your definition of abandoned be?

“Abandoned” may be a bit too strong and there certainly hasn’t been anything from Monzo stating this.

I agree that it has been a long time since any new triggers were added but it isn’t really any different from any other features Monzo have released.

It goes back to the suggestion that someone on here had. Whereby, they need a sweeper team to revisit features to add to / improve on them :slight_smile:

I think it was/is a “PR” feature

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