Incoming salary as a trigger for actions / income trigger

I’m suggesting the ability to send money being to destinations (pots and other accounts) based on salary incoming, rather than date. When money from a particular recipient comes in that is the trigger for it being sent.

I get paid monthly but it’s manually paid and therefore not always on the same date. I can see a benefit of actions being automated based on the salary payment, such as setting the ‘pay date’, transfers to pots etc.

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Interesting idea, would have to get over triggering the payments if you get any expenses paid in.

At least in my company, expenses look different than my salary, so I wouldn’t have that problem.

Perhaps make the trigger smart and have a condition or two? Once per X days, incoming from Y person, over £Z amount?

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


What’s an ifttt trigger? Is it something that needs to be set up our done outside of Monzo?

The first response on that page is suggesting that Monzo hasn’t updated ifttt support for more than a year.

That idea is for an IFTTT trigger whereas I read this as a native Monzo one - which would actually open up a whole set of greater possibilities (like moving money to external accounts, for example).

Not sure if that’s what was intended, but I think there’s probably room for two variants here…

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@Justin555 There’s a 3rd party service called Flow which is planning to introduce something like this. They have said Monzo is the first UK bank they hope to integrate with

I’ve suggested something similar as using dates simply doesn’t work as they aren’t fixed. Only a dynamic solution where triggers can be set on other elements or even variables will provide ultimate control and flexibility.

My salary varies each month and by quite a bit on some months, so id like to be able to identify this as either a payment from a named source or even anything over a certain value.