Identifying transactions NOT in a shared tab

Hey, I have a shared tab with my husband and sometimes fall behind on the admin of adding the relevant transactions to our shared tab. Short of me going in to each individual transaction from my feed, is there any other clever way I can identify transactions that have not been added to a shared tab?

Would a CSV export contain this information at all?

Do you add everything to the shared tab?

Are you wanting to find out if your husband has paid his share? Or just if you’ve added it?

From the CSV, you might be able to tie it back if your husband has paid towards it, although I don’t use it, so you might need to share what one of those lines looks like, but if so, I can probably help you with a Google Sheets to track it.

As adding it to the shared tab isn’t actually a transaction, I don’t think that will appear on the sheet. But if your husband is a swift payer, they might not be too far out.

“You haven’t paid for this yet…”
“It’s not on the shared tab…”

Bit of a work around though.

When I used shared tabs, the payment would come in as one sum with no way to link back to the individual transactions it covers (beyond looking at the shared tab and finding transactions between the current and last payments)

If you go into the shared tab and then tap on “ADD” will it not only show a list of transactions that have not already been added to the tab?

I don’t have any open tabs that I can use to check right now.

Not everything no, just a handful of transactions each week. I can monitor the payment of the tab within the shared tab itself but I was hoping there would be an easy way for me to filter transactions in the feed to highlight whether there are any that I’ve missed without going back over a year’s worth of transactions one by one.

Ahh this may be a good enough solution! Not tried that way before… Looks like it could be an option!

Wouldn’t a joint account automate the entire process?

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