Icons discoloured and invisible

Issue: icons are wrong colour and not visible within menus

Details to reproduce: business discover menu and offers
OS: ios 16.4.1
Device: iPhone 14 PM
App Version:


@iOS_Health another for you.

It’s to do with “light” theme. The icons appear with dark mode enabled.

Thanks for the tag but this one falls outside of our responsibility (as a rule of thumb, anything visual isn’t normally within our remit), but I’ve raised it with the wider team.

@chris83rose do you know which version of the app you are running? You can find which version you are running at the bottom of the settings page.

It’s 5.22.0 #905

Sorry for missing this off the original bug report.

It’s the same with the back arrows in light theme. Seem to be the same colour as the background.

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