I wanna know if Vodafone has given you problems

i had broadband and the customer service was poor if i had a problem they would say oh yeah we can see a problem on the line then they would send someone out to fix it then i would get a shock on my bill seeing i have been charged for the visit when the problem wasn’t in my home

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Please send me a PM when you make a thread about Orange or BT Cellnet and then I’ll be able to help you.


Oh my, I’ve just seen the other topics :open_mouth:

Can a mod just merge them all into one that’s asking for opinions on network providers rather than each one individually.

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its on different topics if your gonna merge them i will just speak to a someone cause there not about the same thing

you only need to merge them when there about the same thing

But you’ve already claimed that you’re leaving Vodafone and in the same topic you’re discussing other providers here. This is why there isn’t a need to discuss each one individually in separate topics.

they are all different things not the same thing so different posts not the same ok just posting the things on all the posts because its different so not the same what is the problem


no i aint discussing over providers someone wrote them on this forum

OK on a more serious note. WHY do you want to know this? Are you building a case to take Vodafone to court?

If not then it doesn’t matter if anyone else had a bad experience, they will only deal with your specific case. You can get 100 people to say bad things about Vodafone (this is the internet after all) but to what end?

well i wanna hear other peoples story to see if its the same as mine

and then what?

Are you going to make another post to make a big story?

And what if it is? Then what?

forget it i thought i could come on here and get help but no point when you got people like use on here who wanna keep going on and on

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what the point of a forum if i cant come on here and ask people if they have had problems

More than happy to help, but I just don’t see what ‘help’ this post brings? That’s why I asked what you wanted to know for and, by your own admission, you want others to come and say bad things about Vodafone too?

Man, too much negativity in the world already. It’s Friday, be happy!

This isn’t a Vodafone forum, for one… anyway, I’m out.

Good luck with your single sentence rants, I genuinely hope you are ok, lot of anger coming through.

I must admit I’m a little confused too.

If you’re already leaving Vodafone because of your own bad experience what value is there in hearing others? Are you not going to get more worked up about the ordeal you’ve been through instead of moving on?

i didnt say it was did i but i would like to know if monzo customers have had problems with Vodafone

i was looking to see if anyone had problems like me to see if its only me its been done to

Would you go back to them if everyone said they’re good?