I regret going full Monzo

Giving your customers a voice makes them feel they contribute to the road map of a product. I see bugs as a positive thing because you can actively fix something logged in the backlog - or you can go down the pub and rant at the barmaid about how your no.1 largest world Bank doesn’t value you :rocket:

Yes, I understand all companies will have issues somewhere along the line, (I too also work for the software company where I try and replicate defects :slight_smile) So Monzo will be no different, but I like the fact they are so transparent with what is going on.

It’s the only way to be :raised_hands:t2::rocket:

Why not leave the direct debits where they are and transfer money over to somewhere like Starling for your general expenditure, then if Monzo do do something like others have described everything is in the right place.

I have an applt that I made which withdraws certain transactions from certain posts. I.e BP (fuel) from my Transport pot etc

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When it fires I presume the transaction has already gone through on the current account and then you balance it afterwards by withdrawing from a pot? i.e. The money must be available in your current account in the first place to cover the cost.

Do you have this working for your Direct Debits, too?

(spoiler for everyone else: no)

Unless he has an overdraft as I assume the applet will run before the end of the day to avoid charges :slight_smile:

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Yeh that would actually be a good use of the overdraft in this case. I’m guessing unless they’ve created something bespoke I imagine it’s an IFTTT applet whereby you can trigger on Any purchase at a merchant for a given merchant and then Move money out of a pot using the amount from the transaction object. It’s a useful workaround until Monzo have a proper solution anyway and if you can be bothered to set it up :smiley:


Whilst a manageable work around the problem I think is that IFTTT doesn’t or can’t be used with DDs, making it almost useless for the use case it is needed for!

this might solve your problem


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