I need to verify or decline a payment?

Hi, received a notification this morning stating I needed to accept a decline a £1 transaction from Cineworld?

Just wondering if this is common? Cineworld itself should not be requesting any money so I’m a little cautious.

It’s an anti fraud measure afaik as I’ve only seen it on others screenshots. Decline and freeze your card ASAP if it’s not something you are expecting and start an in app chat


I would definitely follow @Rat_au_van’s advice. That said, have you use your card to book tickets online with Cineworld previously? If so, did you let them save your card details? I have found with one or two retailers that they periodically perform a small authorisation to check that the card is still valid. Hopefully this is the case here.

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I have a Cineworld Unlimited cats so I have reason for them to take a direct debit but this has already been taken for April.

I’ll call them direct just to double check. A nice touch to be asked to verify the payment I guess.


This is a 3D Secure notification or MasterCard SecureCode verification (Visa’s implementation is called Verified by Visa).

Monzo use a push notification for these transactions, failing back to SMS for certain transactions.

Legacy banks usually show something like this:

Not many websites use 3D Secure, mainly gambling websites and the like.

If you have booked tickets online with Cineworld or ordered 3D Glasses as part of a booking online then it’s probably OK but if you’re using an Unlimited Card and paying by DD this could potentially be fraud (and a good reason why 3D Secure exists)! If you haven’t made any booking that required payment (I.e. just booking tickets with you Unlimited Card) then there should be no need to complete 3D Secure.

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We must be shopping on different sites! I get several a week. Sainsburys, o2, EE, most utility companies all use it.

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I think I’ve only ever had one and I couldn’t remember what site it was so that’s why I was struggling for examples!

Nationwide and other legacy banks use SMS confirmation for a while now…

Block your card or contacted them why they checked your card