I need help finding an umbrella company - any advice? (Off topic)


I know it´s a bit off topic, but I am looking for an umbrella company and I thought you could advise some good companies cheap, paying on time and digital (if possible) similar to Monzo.

I found Crunch (https://www.crunch.co.uk/) that it looks kind of the same thing. Have you worked with them before?

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You haven’t stated what you want the “umbrella company” to do or provide? :thinking:

Hi Ordog,

I gonna start working for a marketing agency and I have two options. Working as an Ltd or with an umbrella company. However, I decided to go for an umbrella company as it will be a fix term contract for three months and creating my own ltd will be too much hassle. Hope this makes sense

I’ve used Parasol Group they have been pretty good, if it’s only 3 months that’s probably one of the better ones.

I recommend https://www.james-smith.co.uk/

I just set up my own Ltd company each time I freelance. Using FreeAgent its all pretty simple, practically automated, but you can get an accountant for a small fee (offset against tax anyway as a business expense).
If you look at the Parasol Group which @jfmombiela mentioned , they can offer you assistance on either option, and will talk you through the pros and cons of each option. I looked at them in the past and they seemed decent.

Thanks for your great help. I went for smartwork eventually as this is the one my recruitment agency is working with. However, next time I will check FreeAgent as @caspararemi mentioned :slight_smile:

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