I have an idea...? and an inquiry!

Heyo, Monzo!
So…um…hi! My name is Ma’Leiah Jackson, and I’m 16 years of age. I wanted to open an account with you guys, but this lady (I forgot her name) said I HAD TO BE FRICKIN’ 18! Sigh…Anyways, she was nice, but I could’ve sworn that the minimum age was, indeed, 16! PLEASE HELP WITH THIS!

But, all that aside, I have an idea to address: how about Monzo can make a debit card for young entrepreneurs (ages 15+)? That would be awesome, for I have my own business to run, and I want a card that suits me as a 16 year-old entrepreneur. Maybe even add some cash back rewards, perhaps? Or, I don’t know, some customizable neon colored cards (like magenta, neon green, electric blue, etc.)? OR maybe even offer challenges for these entrepreneurs, like you do on Instagram?

OOH, and I have another idea…? Perhaps, we could offer banking for high school and college students (similar to my bank…COMING SOON!)? You could even offer “good-incentive” for those who maintain a B+ average or better? Maybe even offer even better rewards for good ACT/SAT scores? But, hey, these are simply ideas, but I think I’m a great candidate to create better banking for everyone, for I think I’m a great partner! Thanks again for reading this, and y’all have a great night!


It is available for 16 and 17 year olds (as well as obviously adults) in the UK. It must still be limited to 18 year olds and over in the USA right now due to agreements Monzo has their their partner bank. I’m sure Monzo will open it up to 16 and 17 year olds in the US as the service matures. It started 18 only in the UK at launch.


You want Monzo to do what you’re planning to do with your own bank? Is that a good idea? :confused:

We can only offer accounts to US customers over 18 at the moment, but we’re exploring what account for 16 - 18 year olds could look like in the future!

Its great to hear you’d use Monzo now - is there anything else you’d like to see an account do, that you don’t currently have with your existing bank?

Excited to hear your thoughts!

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