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3, 6 or 12 month plan options.

Purchases need to be over £100, and add up to at least £250 for the plan.

A fee will be charged based on length of plan, but will always be cheaper than purchasing without an instalment plan.


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On the subject of the Android app, has anyone got the “new” app yet? I feel like they were bigging it up on their website in Oct, but I’m still on the “old” app.

Meanwhile, my online banking updated to a new-look interface around late Nov with no fanfare whatsoever.

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Well I certainly have not, but of course mileage varies

The “old” app is not spectacular, but manages the limited use I make of it

Anyone having issues trying to send payments in the HSBC app? I am trying to pay my HSBC credit card from my current account but get this lovely message, which is of no use

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I’ve noticed recently that the HSBC website is getting slower and slower when using Safari (either on a Mac or iPhone/iPad). On my Mac it appears to be using two processor cores running at 100%. It seems fine with Chrome and Firefox.

If you go into online banking then that’s OK, but as soon as you press the Log Off button, the hanging and CPU ramp up again. Do any web developers know what’s going on?


Other way round for me. Since my HSBC online banking moved to the updated interface a couple of months ago (I got that sometime before the updated app), it’s been considerably zippier.

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Recently applied for a HSBC Visa credit card (as my existing Visa credit doesn’t support open banking and can’t be seen in Plus. Arrived today so set about registering for online banking.

Has to one of the worst user experiences I’ve ever had. I think the summary below is accurate bit I may have missed or muddled a step somewhere…

  • Activated the card, which had to be done by phone using an automated system.
  • Went to online banking registration in the mobile app, which opened up a mobile-unfriendly website.
  • Decided to use a desktop browser. Discovered I needed a telephone banking password to register for online banking.
  • Looked through the booklet which came with the card and the phone number for telephone banking enrollment was buried in that.
  • Phoned, and entered the card number and my DOB.
  • Automated voice told me I couldn’t use the service because I needed a telephone banking password to do so.
  • Automated voice asked me why I was calling and then put me through to someone who asked for my card number and date of birth again.
  • Explained that I needed to set a telephone banking password and she said she’d put me through to an automated service to set it.
  • Automated voice told me the service was unavailable and put me back to an agent.
  • Agent said she worked on current accounts and would put me though to someone in the credit card team.
  • Connedted me to a completely silent line so I had to hang up and call back.
  • Phoned, and entered the card number and my DOB.
  • Automated voice told me I couldn’t use the service because I needed a telephone banking password to do so.
  • Automated voice asked me why I was calling and then put me through to someone who asked for my card number and date of birth again.
  • Explained that I needed to set a telephone banking password and she asked me to set up two security questions and answers then said she’d put me through to an automated service to set it.
  • Finally set a telephone banking password.
  • Also offered to enrol me for voice ID which also worked (allegedly - we’ll find out if I ever have to phone them).
  • Went back to web browser to set up Internet banking.
  • Chose a username and password, and set up some completely different security questions and answers to the ones I’d set up earlier.
  • Generated a security key to type into the phone app.
  • Went into the phone app and did various things I can’t remember, and typed in the security key when asked.
  • Was told that key was for a different session and I would need a security key sent to my phone.
  • Had to swith between app and message to transcribe the key.
  • Finally logged in. Opted to use fingerprint login (and was not asked for fingerprint to confirm the choice which surprised me).

Pleased I can now see all my cards in Monzo, but that was a seriously crap activation experience.


I’ve had similar nightmare-circular issues with HSBC. Especially when the earlier version of the app downloaded encrypted keys to your phone for the app to securely access your accounts. When you changed device and didn’t have access to the previous device with the keys (lost/broken/quickly sold), jeez - it was incredibly frustrating to get access again. Literally hours wasted onto support.

I’d usually say at this point that things have moved on for the better but going off :point_up: that lot, it hasn’t really :grimacing:


At exactly which step did you start crying? I think about 15 steps in I’d have lost it


Tears of joy when it all finally worked. Just hope I never have to re-enter my credentials - not sure I could remember them after I’d finished melting my brain with that little lot.


I had a similar experience with setting up internet banking for a HSBC account domiciled in France, but unlike the UK, all decisions are taken at branch level, so it involved waiting on yet someone else to approve my access.

I had my account opened in December (and I have to say the international banking team in the UK was excellent - applied on Monday, had a phone interview on Tuesday, took some papers to a branch on Wednesday and then it was sent off to the French team). But man, once no longer handled by the Uk team, it became such a nightmare.

The French used an incorrect address to open my account. This happened although the correct address was in the application form (signed by me) and in the proof of address supplied. Thankfully Royal Mail figured out what happened and managed to deliver the card and the PIN.

But back to the internet banking story…

Once the account was open and the card delivered, I had waited patiently for the rest of the stuff to come through - IB ID and code, telephone banking ID and… a static 3DSecure code they use before a dynamic one, sent by snail mail, of course.

After 2 weeks of waiting to no avail, I called the nice support people, who, in all honesty, did try to help me.

Week 1:

  • used my card number to authenticate to the robot, I couldn’t be authenticated, transferred to a human
  • human wants my account number, I don’t have it
  • provide name, address etc etc, but they couldn’t find me
  • provide card number: “ah yes, found it, let’s verify you. Can you confirm your name, address and DOB”…
  • explained the problem again, was told “I need to call the branch for them to setup IB for you. Please wait a minute”
  • waited on the line, the agent came back saying no one answered but they’ll email them and after it’s actioned I’ll get my details in the post
  • go to explain the address is wrong and I might not receive any post
  • be told only I can change it, on internet banking nonetheless
  • accept defeat and asked for my account number so that I can pay a debit I had caused by activating the card (you can only do that by withdrawing cash…)
  • be told they can’t tell it to me because I’ve not used my phone banking code
  • accept defeat

After a week of waiting, and no news, called them again. The exact same happened.

Waited another week, had no news, called them again, followed the same conversation word for word and gave up.

I emailed the UK agent who helped with the process, she got back with the phone number of the branch and the name of the Relationship manager (?!).

I then called the RM’s phone, which turned out to be just a generic branch phone number. Turns out they’ve changed the RM in between receiving the details via email and my call, and then I was told my new RM was busy. I explained my reason and the branch guy transferred me back to the normal support line…

Back to square one and after 4 weeks without access to my account, I wanted to sort it out. So I briefly explained the situation to the call agent, how the branch transferred me to him and asked him to call them back and fix it then and there.

Thankfully he managed to do it. Hurrah! I have My IB ID!

But that’s useless without a code to set it up. The code you ask? The agent sent me a 9 digit number by text, asked me to write it on a piece of paper and then told me to cross and circle the digits on certain positions. The circled digits together would be my code…

After some more faff, I managed to set up my secure key and login. That was last week.

After hanging up I went to update my address, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t sign in using my secure key, only my password. I gave up and instead booked an appointment with the RM - which took place today.

She couldn’t help me (what a surprise!) so I was transferred to normal support.

After spending 30 minutes on the phone with them, constantly logging in and out, deleting and reinstalling the app at least 10 times and setting up secure key each time, we were making no progress.

If you’ve read all of this so far, I’ll surprise you - the damned ID I was given was incorrect… he told me the correct one and lo and behold, it worked. All of it.

Or so I thought… everything apart from payments and transfers was accessible. Thankfully, we were still on the phone and he fixed transfers too.

All in all, it took me 42 days to get full access to my account. Which is just terrible…

Not to mention upon updating my address I was asked for proof, although the change is small and any one with 2 eyes can see it’s the same address… I’m waiting to see if they’ll process it without any proof but I’m not holding my hopes up…


Overall, not that far off the 36 days it takes to get full access to a UK HSBC account!


I do honestly sympathise - but at the same time feel a little better about today’s experience… Glad you’re sorted now though.

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Making love on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and chilled on Sunday?


Shame, really hoped that would be the end of the digital secure key.

That was a real PITA if you had to change devices for some reason

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To be honest, I’m more interested in being able to install the app on more than one device without needing my iPhone to generate a log on security code.


The changes are live now. The app and the website are now even easier to access and seem much faster.

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I’ve noticed since setting the security code that the app is often saying that my session has timed out and that it has logged me out, despite logging out myself each time I use it.

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Still the same on mine?

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