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oooo nice!! im looking forward to the metal amex gold coming to the uk!

For me it’s up to end of August, so about 3 months

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I agree, but this “new app” is not really a huge upgrade.

Essentially it seems to be moving the UK app frontend to the latest global “standard” set of shared code, like the US app and the Hong Kong app.

There don’t seem to be any backend changes or any new features, really, so it appears to the average person like a simple visual refresh. To those of us that understand a bit more about what is going on, there’s more to it but the overall impact is a bit underwhelming.

The fact they are testing it at all is probably more about the fact that some code has had to be rewritten to fit the global template, and they want to make sure it hasn’t broken any features. It’s not like they have exciting new stuff that they are trying to keep under wraps!

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Let’s hope new/improved functions cone as they spend more on a global standard thus allowing devs they have to work of the same code base = more developers on a single app.


Agreed, hopefully this new global codebase is a precursor to more substantial and frequent feature improvements to the app later, especially if they are rebuilding parts of it in a more modular and adaptable way to allow for quicker changes.

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And it seems the testing period won’t be for long either! I’m not signed up to the beta (haven’t bothered to visit Customer Studio for months! :sweat_smile:) and received an email from HSBC this afternoon telling me about the new update that will be released in ‘a few weeks’ with a link to this page:

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Interesting, it also seems like the Customer Studio Testflight version will be just the one build (so less of a testing period and more simply an “early look”, as you allude to).

One titbit there in the FAQ is that Fast Balance will not be returning to the app. The information about testing in Customer Studio indicated that it was a temporary removal, but they seem to have decided to make that permanent. Probably because almost every phone now has biometric authentication built in, so the security/privacy trade-off for the sake of convenience is no longer what it was.


Yep, fast balance seemed pretty odd now that I can unlock my app in a fraction of a second with a scan of my face. Made perfect sense back when unlocking involved entering a password though!


I remember when the app was so basic Fast Balance was practically all it did!


HSBC used to have a separate Fast Balance app until they integrated it into their main app…

Oh yes, I must have been thinking of that.

As somebody who never managed to get push notifications enabled with HSBC, I wonder whether this new app will be of any help on that front. I know that it requires a server-side change for notifications but there may be some changes that had to be brought in to support the new app.

Incidentally, I’m not with HSBC any longer and have no accounts with them. However, my DSK still works and grants me access to the app to retrieve documents, etc. Does anybody know how long it takes for your online banking and app access to be completely removed?

If I ever went back to HSBC it would be nice to start completely from scratch (in the hope of notifications being enabled automatically as a new customer).

I suspect the new app might enable it for everyone?

Notifications are prominently featured in the interface with a new bell icon that’s far more noticeable than previously and the settings also have notifications as their own section now.

M&S Bank also recently switched them on for everyone in an app update so the phased rollout seems to have ended.

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Just updated the HSBC app from the App Store and it’s the new one. First thing I noticed was a bell icon with a red dot which took me through setting up notifications.

A bit too late now but at least they’re now enabled if I ever go back to HSBC.

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Just saw HSBC’s advert about the cycle of homelessness. Not a fan of a lot of what HSBC do, but that was very well done.


I think they also offer a switch bonus plus a £10 donation to Shelter for new customers.



Hope Monzo don’t get a hefty one :expressionless:

I would always check the amount I’ve put in, but maybe some sort of pop-up the first time informing customers would have been helpful.

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The Android app won’t let me screenshot it, but the credit card entry in my HSBC now has an “Instalment plans” option that currently leads to a screen saying"We’re getting things ready"

Not heard that mentioned before, but maybe it did get discussed above

Any ideas on what it intends to be?