How to save for a wedding

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Our latest guide explains how to save for a wedding. If you have any savvy tips of your own – please share them with us too!

(Richard) #2

Don’t get married :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so expensive for what it is. Took us years to pay off our wedding debt and it was a relatively cheap wedding by today’s standards.


I wonder if that average is pushed up by royal weddings, super rich weddings etc?

Just got back from a really nice one which they told me cost around £14k


I’m not spending that much on one day :scream:

(Nick) #5

So that’s why people agree to go on Don’t Tell the Bride.

(Rachel Raybould) #6

How much for a wedding!?


Wait until McDonald’s launch McWeddings. Last I checked they only offer the service in Japan though :eyes:

(Nico Mueller) #8

Our wedding is coming up in January. We could reduce the figure above by doing it in Bangkok. Now we have 260 guests but are below 35k (which is still crazy for a single day somehow isn’t it…)

My tips: plan early and calculate what you can really put away, not being sad about the money later. Then go from there, write down all items and get average price tags, run through the lists and cut/add (and also think about the number of guests - through the meals this is the largest cost driver)

Foremost: try to enjoy the process as a couple activity and keep in mind everyone will be happy for you regardless if some plan doesn’t work out.
We experienced some real downers but then try to remind us to make this our special day in our lifes.